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im sure i know which one will be the most used but ill ask anway

what graphic application do you use to skin or design in genarel?
A:photoshop ( as much as i dislike it. it seems i'm going to have to learn how to use it once agian)
b:paintshop pro  ( haven't used it  since 2000)
c:coreldraw (morgmile's icons always comes to mind when ever i see its name)
d:ulead photoimpact ( this is the current program i use for skinning/graphic designing,now its part of Corel Corporation which might be a bad sign thats the reson ill be switching to PS agian.
e:Gimp (just because its free dosnt mean its good

so what do you use?

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stumbled onto this and thought i might share it!

just look how much has changed. < Sunday, June 08, 2003<2003 im ranked 2nd <2004
it has over 200+ pages saved also some gallerys and links still work*/

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100 invitations

Oct 8, 2005 3:59 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
every man and his dog should have a gmail account by now but i still have 100 invites so if you want one just email me at solidnuts at
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who keeps lowering my skin rating?

Aug 5, 2005 8:10 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
its nothing important to me anymore, but i was just curios about who keeps lowering my skin rating? it isnt just my updated IMPACT cursor that was orignaly 9 for 2 years then put down to 8 two days ago and now to 7.
a few other of my skins also have there rating lowerd.
so mostly what i want to know is, have i pissed someone off or is it a new thing of re-rating peoples skins? *sorry moderators i didnt mean to post it as news :HOT:
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im ranked twice in the hall of fame and one of them isnt me

Feb 23, 2005 8:12 AM by Discussion: WinCustomize Talk
Its been a few months since i've visited wincustomize and alot has chnaged,
so today i though i'd check out all the new sections and features, i clicked into the Most Popular Authors hall of fame and surprisingly found my name ranked #92 and under me was me agian at #93 , ontop of that, when you click on #93 solid_nuts it turns out to be another user that alot of us know (UZZE) i thought i might let you admins know in case its a bug or he somehow hacked into the system.

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Well Im making this website with all my skins and stuff on it plus some useful things like tutorials for skinners.

i would like you guys to help me out a bit by posting Photoshop tutorials and Skinstudio tutorials and I will email their authors and get permission
one more question to who ever is in charge at WinCustomize ,would it be allowed if I based an author of the week , wallpaper of the week ,skin of the week based on
WinCustomize downloads count and Top Authors?.
i will be registering a .com soon

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Sydney's still the best

Beat that

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i just finshed my icons to match my rube skin (you can see the previw here ) and i want to know what sizes they must be? i made from 128 to 16 but the file is kinda big for my slow modem so i just want to upload the needded sizes thanks
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why dosnt stardock or someone make a program that can show all parts of windows! like a tester that would be very cool for skin makers dont u think?
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is there any way u can chang the writing under a skin with out updating it?
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